Lemonade Stand Kit


Hi all! It’s been awhile since the last freebie update…

Here comes the kit Lemonade Stand!

Still working with creamy and sweet colours. I think the slightly muted tone would make a good transition between Spring and Summer. Will probably come up with something brighter and more solid in the next kit. 

I have difficulty choosing colour palettes, cos I’ve got so many favourite colour combinations.

So if there’re any palettes that you’d like me to make a kit with, please leave a comment below. Thank you 😉

Lemonade Stand Paper

Lemonade Stand Elements


26 thoughts on “Lemonade Stand Kit

  1. Hello! Your kits are beautiful! You’re so creative.. Thanks for sharing. 😀
    Would love to see some themed kits on superheroes, solar system etc. to scrap for my baby. Thanks again!

  2. Thank you so much! Wonderfull kit!
    As you ask… What about a muted rose / brow combination? Maybe a little bit of teal… I love colors!
    Best regards!
    POS – please forgive my english…

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